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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

When Dee was 18, she was interviewing to get a job as a night club bouncer on her university's campus. She was asked to describe herself in three words and "Quirky but Fierce" has been her moniker ever since.

At 24 years of age, she felt called to sell all her wordly possessions and travel the world as an infinitely awesome spinster. But, all plans went belly up as she met her husband on a fruit-picking farm in the arse-end of nowhere Australia. He picked apples. She picked pears. But in the end, they picked each other. (We are also gagging at the cuteness).

In 2017, Dee and Niall moved back to his homeland, Northern Ireland.

Dee has worked a real selection of jobs from admin assistant in a toupee shop to server in a biker bar to toilet cleaner extraordinaire. But, her heart has always had creative tendrils pulling at it.

Quirky but Fierce is a creative brand featuring handcrafted jewellery, stationery, art prints, and other products based on the designs and artwork of Dee Magee.

It is an outlet for Dee's passion for encouraging others and sharing knowledge to empower them.

She hopes to bring joy with her creations as well as spur discussion and interest in important topics like sustainability, racial & social injustice, and well-being.


Over the past few years, Dee has become increasingly more passionate about leading a sustainable lifestyle and fighting for environmental and social justice.

It was just as important that the Quirky but Fierce business reflect these same values by always striving to do the following:

  • Make both the product, its production, and all packaging as eco-friendly as possible with transparency in the material and production

  • Purchase from suppliers who are also eco-conscious and adhere to ethical labour practices and standards

  • Salary is set at the National Living Wage and any surplus invested into social impact initiatives (This may be via other organisations or charities or a project started by QBF)


More details about the materials used in products and packaging can be found on the shop’s Sustainability page.

Sometimes, limited availability of products or the current size of the business may prevent us from achieving the level of sustainability desired. We pledge to be transparent both with areas that need improvement and our plans for improving them.

Meet The Team

Dee 02.jpg

Dee Magee

All the creative bits and actual resident consumer of copious amounts of coffee.

Susu Beans Magee 01.jpg

Susu Beans Magee

Rearranges things on desks and work surfaces.

Sits on most expensive thing available.

Calcifur Dick Magee.jpg

Calcifur Dick Magee

We lost Cal to lung cancer in February 2023. 

Though only with us a short time, he left a lasting impression (we literally have the scars) and we will forever miss our handsome man.



She's tiny, chirpy, and the perfect lap warmer.

She'll also never let you oversleep so a very good task master.

Niall Magee.jpg

Niall Magee

The neurotypical, steady, and sane rock of the operation.

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