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Are your earrings hypoallergenic?

Brass itself is an alloy of copper and zinc. Most people do not have any sensitivity to these metals. 

For my brass earring designs, I use hypoallergenic 316L surgical steel posts as most people won't have a reaction to it (hence why it is used for surgical tools). I also choose surgical steel over silver as it is harder and does not tarnish like silver does. This makes the earring more durable and less likely to irritate the ear, as well. However, even this medical grade surgical steel does contain a small component of nickel, so if you know you are sensitive to it, you may want to upgrade to the .925 silver posts.


Earrings that have an ear wire rather than a post are made with either .925 sterling silver or  Grade 1 Titanium which is the least reactive metal possible and the same metal used for surgical implants, for that reason. Even those with highly sensitive ears should not have a reaction to the Titanium. 

I do offer a .925 Sterling Silver upgrade to my post-style earrings. If .925 silver works best for your ears, than you'll just want to add that listing to your cart, as well.

Our eco-silver earrings come with a .925 sterling silver post or titanium wire, unless otherwise stated.

For legal reasons, I have to advise that I can't guarantee no reaction, regardless of the metals used. 

Why has has my jewellery changed color?

Tarnish. I treat all my jewellery with an archival quality wax, Renaissance Wax, that helps prevent tarnish. But over time, this barrier will wear down. Different metals react differently to oxygen and moisture. Brass will often deepen in colour. Silver will become duller and both when badly tarnished will have a blackness to them. Some people like this effect. But, if you prefer a brighter metal, you can regularly use a polishing cloth or dip a rag in vinegar to remove tarnish.

If your piece has very dark tarnish marks on it, you can dip a rag in hot white vinegar and polish the piece with it. Once polished to your liking, use a damp cloth to wipe down the piece to remove any remnants of the vinegar and dry thoroughly. 

To help prevent tarnish, avoid wearing pieces in the shower and while swimming or leaving exposed to the open air when not wearing, especially if living in a humid climate. Immediate drying after getting wet, with rings for instance, will also help prevent tarnish. 

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