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Coming Soon: Fidget Jewellery

Most people who have anxiety or racing thoughts fidget quite a lot - and I'm no exception! The thing is, sometimes bouncing your leg at 100 mph or tapping on a table can be très annoying to the blessedly-unafflicted populous. Heck, it can be annoying to the other anxiety-ridden lot of us, too.

So, I wanted to make a collection of sophisticated jewellery that would serve as an outlet for our fidgeting needs while, of course, still being environmentally-friendly and ethically made (those values never shift for me).

Moving parts bring new challenges when it comes to jewellery construction, so I'm learning new techniques and maybe even some new curse words along the way!

The first prototype is a ring with three spinning components on top. I have been wearing it for a little over a month now and have some edits to the design for the second iteration. It was vital that I wear and test each design before letting any of you lovelies get your mittens on them so I could make sure all of the moving parts were durable over time, too.

Fingers hold a prototype of a fidget-ring made from eco silver. There is a bar with three spinning rectangles attached to the top of it.
Don't judge my nasty nails and filthy fingers. :)


Another design in the works is a roller necklace. This one makes a slight sound which some will find very satisfying but it is quiet enough that others shouldn't really hear it unless they are broaching some serious personal space.

If you're interested in how these, and other pieces in the collection, develop, be sure to follow me on Instagram or Facebook. You can also subscribe to the QBF newsletter by scrolling to the footer of this website and signing up.

Finally, what kind of fidget would you like to see included in the collection? Spinner ring? Everyone likes to fidget differently so any feedback is most welcome. x Dee

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