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Some of us love to fidget - if we don't, it can make us feel like we are going to lose our marbles. But when we do, it can make those around us feel like they are going to lose their marbles! 


I have been thinking long and hard about fidget jewellery I could make that was both sophisticated and satisfying. And then I inherited a jar of marbles my husband found in his mother's attic and it all clicked!


This ring can be easily flipped to the underside of the finger for discreet, continuous movement using just the thumb. The marble rolls in all directions and makes minimal noise that would be easily covered by any speech or white noise. 


The marble has been set in a carefully crafted bezel to allow free movement but also ensure the marble is held in place securely. A small hole on the underside of the bezel allows for water drainage and makes sure dirt doesn't build up behind the marble. 


At this time, I only have green marbles but will be exploring to see what second-hand marble treasures I can find for more colours and patterns.


The ring setting is made with 100% Recycled Silver (.925 &.999)


Comes in a plastic-free, eco-friendly ring box perfect for gifting. 


Made and shipped within 7-10 business days.

Fidget Ring - Losing My Marbles


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